Helping people develop strength through adversity.

Transcend Counselling Services – Fees And Sessions

Our Consideration – $150.00 per hour

Sliding fee scale available upon request

Payment is required at the time of the appointment. Please provide 24 hours notice if cancelling an appointment.

Fundamentally, we believe that all people should be able to access quality and affordable services, regardless of income, background or life circumstances. To this end, Transcend will provide on a case-by-case basis, services at reduced fees for those unable to access other needed services. Such services can also include assessment and referral to other available services providers.

We are happy to provide a free 15 minute phone consultation prior to any bookings. Please visit our Contact Page for more information.

Insurance Coverage

Check with your insurance provider if you have the proper coverage for counselling services prior to your first appointment.

We issue receipts for clients that they can provide to their insurance company. We do not direct bill.

Our Unique Approach

We approach counselling by:

  • Enabling clients to own the process. They “drive the bus.”
  • Viewing clients in relationship to their environment. We look at clients in the context of their family and community.
  • Helping clients to normalize their relationships — a key to healthy living.
  • Working on problems at varying levels and uncovering the interrelationship between them.

Our experience in private, nonprofit, and public sectors, and our knowledge, resources, and understanding derives from our diverse background, allowing us to operate from a different perspective.

What can I expect from my sessions with Transcend Counselling?

The objective of counselling is to help an individual to make changes that supports their full potential and quality of life.You, the client, are ultimately in control and our role is to help guide you through the change process.

Sessions normally consist of a client and counsellor meeting together at our office. The client may sometimes also be accompanied by their parents, spouse, or other interested party.

After we’re settled, your counsellor will outline how counselling works, what to expect, the importance of trust and confidentiality, and circumstances under which they would have to breach confidentiality. They may talk about ‘mutuality in the counselling relationship’, that is, that you are both mutually responsible for the process, but generally, it’s up to you, the client, to identify the areas you would like help with.

We have comfortable seating, water, tea, and coffee available for your convenience.

How long is each session?

Unless we’ve worked out a special arrangement together, our sessions will normally be 1 hour in length.

How often will I be required to meet with my counsellor?

The frequency of our visits is something that we will work out together, based on your comfort level and need, and our assessment of your individual situation.

What happens if I don’t like my counsellor?

Social Work is considered both a science and an art and therefore there is variability in approach just as there is to the counselling relationship. 

There isn’t always a good fit between the counsellor and client that allows for a conducive counselling relationship. In such circumstances either the counsellor or the client has the option to end the counselling relationship. If this occurs, the counsellor will assist the client in accessing other suitable counselling options.

Does Transcend Counselling provide any other services?

We provide a range of contracted services to the nonprofit, educational, and government sectors. We have experience with various research initiatives in areas like parenting/fathering, family violence, program development, banking and money management, needs of inner city residents, out of school time programming, and family support services. Literature reviews, needs assessment, proposal writing, randomized control trials, etc. are areas of research we are also capable of delivering.

Through our large network of contacts, we also strive to help clients access all services available to them. If you are having difficulty navigating the system, we are happy to help you find your way.

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