Trust and mutual responsibility

Edmonton Based Counselling Services Tailored To Your Individual Struggles

At Transcend Counselling we work with youth, young adults, couples, and families dealing with:

Our Values

Trust — The strength of the client-counsellor relationship is founded in trust.

Integrity — We always act with honesty and mutual respect for the client-counsellor relationship.

Loyalty — We are loyal to every client we work with.

No Judgment — A relationship based on trust, integrity, and loyalty cannot have judgment.

World-view — We have experience in a wide variety of settings from mainstream, ethno-cultural, first nations, rural and inner city communities.

Accepting — We accept clients for who they are and the choices they’ve made. We support them to make the changes they seek.

Confidentiality – We strictly maintain clients right to confidentiality, as stipulated by the Alberta College of Social Workers ‘Code of Ethics’ and the Health Professions Act.

We approach counselling through a professional orientation and a world-view based on 35 years of wide-ranging social work experience.

We work with clients struggling with addictions, mental health, family dynamics, and trauma to gain a deeper understanding of issues affecting them that interfere with their well-being.


Through relationships based on mutual responsibility, we empower clients to commit to the process and embrace the path to discovering their full potential.


By developing strength and purpose, our clients are able to overcome adversity, improve their relationships, and ultimately find more happiness.

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