Adolescents And Youth Counselling

We have a special interest in working with adolescent and youth who are in conflict with their families or themselves are needing support outside of the family.

We have experience working with adolescents who have come into conflict with the law but too young to be charged under the Young Offenders Act. We provide early intervention that can help to understand the root cause of a child’s behaviours before they turn the age where more intrusive correctional & legal interventions are encountered.

Those in their teen years tend to be more experimental and searching as they attempt to develop their sense of who they are. Counsellors at Transcend Counselling understand development stages and their challenges and hazards. We also have extensive experience in working with youth who are living high-risk lifestyles, including promiscuity, prostitution, drug use and related activities, etc. In such circumstances these youth are often estranged from their families. Harm reduction strategies and family reunification are key objectives of working with such youth.

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