Family Counselling

Parenting has many joys and rewards, but it can also be challenging and sometimes problematic.

Family dynamics can significantly influence how we parent. Our own childhood experiences (family of origin issues) can also inform and determine how we parent, good and bad.

How we manage a spousal separation or divorce can have a huge impact on children’s well-being.

Parents who are not living together should explore how they co-parent in this situation. The research shows that one parent (i.e. a mother) cannot fully act in both roles of mother and father, meaning that there are child development outcomes that are related specifically to the involvement of both parents. For this reason, we advocate for both parents involvement when possible and when such involvement does not place a child at risk.

Newcomers to Canada have a specific challenge with parenting, whereby parents have cultural parenting practices and their children are immersed in mainstream culture at school and in their community that often is in conflict with traditional parenting beliefs. When such conflict escalates, sometimes family violence or a breakdown in the family unit results.

We have the experience to assist parents to develop healthy parenting strategies to manage these cultural integration issues. Parenting in two cultures can be a significant challenge that requires awareness, knowledge and new skills.

Regardless of a parent’s ability, there are situations where parents lose control of their adolescent or teen child. This can manifest in a number of ways, i.e. early conflict with the law, behavioural issues or at-risk behaviours. When parents feel they have lost control of the family unit and fear for their child’s well-being Transcend Counselling can help.

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